Lite-on LH-18A1H burns unreadable DVDs



I’m new to this forum. Hope someone can help with the following problem…

I have a replacement brand new LH-18A1H (firmware HL06) in my Windows XP PC. Yes, the first brand new LH-18A1H had the same problem :doh:

I burned a movie created by TMPEnc DVD Author 3.0 at 4x speed to a dual-layer Aone DVD+R disk using the LH. The DVD so created:
(a) cannot even be read by my Panasonic DVD player (DMR-E85H)
(b) is read and played part way by my Arcam DVD player (DV27A) which then freezes and I have to switch it off and on to
remove the DVD disk.

(No errors were raised during the burn.)

However, when I burned the same movie using my trusty HP DVD840e (external USB) DVD writer, the disk played ok in both DVD players.

Any ideas whay might be causing this?

Have flagged this issuue to Lite-on Europe


It’s probably just that the Liteon doesn’t like the crappy DL media you’re using whereas the HP burner can cope OK.

If you used Verbatim DL +R media - the only one worth using - then you should get a very good burn with the Liteon.

Try doing a disc quality scan with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed on the Liteon & see what you get.


Aone media is not something one could call a good quality media … the results you’re getting are VERY likely due to the media not due to the drive. LH18A1H is a good writer, but like any other writer it needs decent quality media.

Some writers like some media better than others … hence the results you get with your HP. With some media your HP will perform better than the LH18A1H while with other media the LH18A1H will be better. Having said that, overall LH18A1H is certainly a good writer. Also, the fact that the writing software reports a successful burn means almost nothing. The only way of determining the quality of a burn is to scan the disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed.

On poor(er) quality media sometimes it helps burning it at less than the rated speed … with a bit of luck that might give you a decent result …

I would also update the existing HL06 firmware to the latest HL07.

Welcome to the forum by the way :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestions.

I have now done a few more experiments. They point (in my view) to the conclusion that my Arcam and Panasonic DVD players don’t like DVD+R DL (double layer) format DVDs when burnt by my Lite-on; but are happy when they are burnt by the HP. This (repeatable) result applies whether the DVD+R DL was made by Aone or Verbatim (I have both kinds).

As for SL (single layer) DVDs, both my DVD players play HP DVD+R and DVD-R whether burnt by the Lite-on or the HP.

In all these tested cases, the DVDs play ok in my PC.

Maybe my DVD players are falling behind - but I’m not about to replace them. It seems that I should either
(a) continue to use my HP DVD840e (and give up using the the Lite-on to burn DL DVDs) ; or
(b) hope my PC vendor will swap the Lite-on for an HP DVD840i (internal) in the hope that it will behave like its 840e sibling.



I have one suggestion. Maybe setting the booktype (bitsetting) to DVD-ROM for DVD+R DL disks will “encourage” your DVD players to like DVD+R DL media?

I would be curious if this will make a difference … maybe your HP unit does bitsetting by default, and that’s why those disks are “liked” by your players …

Could you please use Nero CD-DVD Speed to check what the booktype of your disks written with the HP drive is? You can do that by clicking the “Disk Info” tab … Does it say DVD+R DL or DVD-ROM?

… and since you’re at it, you could also click the “Disc Quality” tab and do a scan on one disc written with the HP and one written with the LiteON and post the results … If you’re patient enough you can do a scan at 4x or otherwise set the speed to 8x. Also before you start click the “Advanced” button and enable the Jitter option. Make sure you use the latest CD-DVD Speed (v4.7.5.0).


How interesting! Looking at the book type of DVD+R DL discs burnt, those that work in both my DVD players all have booktype = DVD-ROM, and those that fail have booktype= DVD+R DL. (Detailed results attached - disk info.txt). Both the HP and the Lite-on drives agree on the disc’s booktype.

How can I change the LH-18A1H’s booktype?

disk info.txt (3.68 KB)


Success :bigsmile:

Ran the Lite-on booktype utility*, and now DVD+R DL discs are burnt with booktype DVD-ROM, which my players accept.

Many thanks CVS.


My new Lite-on LH-18A1H is also burning unreadable disks. The first one was a -R DL (Verbatim) and the other a cheap and cheerful unbranded -R single layer. Both disks will play in any of my PC’s but not on my DVD players attached to TV’s. Other posters have mentioned firmware version 07? I’ve been to the Lite-On support pages and can only find V06. So where’s the 07 version?


It’s on the Lite-on Taiwan site.


And then select ‘optical storage’ from the top drop-down box and ‘LH-18A1H’ from the bottom box.

Good Luck!


it’s also on the global site


Cheers chaps :slight_smile: all upgraded but I haven’t got anymore dvd’s to test it :sad: