Lite-on LH-16W1P crossflashed to LH-20A1P burn



Crossflashed my LH-16W1P to LH-20A1P.
Using Codekings FastBurn & Enhanced OverSpeed Firmware

And playing with Smartburn with overspeed and online hyper tuning to see how it works.


the scan looks bad. burn this R03s @12x, should be the best choice for these disks.

you can attach pictures to your post by klicking on [I]Go Advanced[/I] below the quick reply windows and then on [I]Manage Attachments[/I].
you can also edit the cd-dvd speed’s graph options to see the whole write area.


Woah, cool flashing from 16x to 20x. BTW i couldn’t even burn @ 16x with RICOHJPNR03 on my real LH-20ALP. (online hyper tuning off, KL05 f/w) :o


Thank you for the advise will try it like you said.


I wonder if my friend’s SHM-165P6S can be flashed to LH-20A1P. Any idea?


No chance, different chipset (MTK1888E-MTK1898).


Thank you for your prompt reply. :slight_smile:


Is this burn any better?


yes, it’s much better. not perfect, but far from bad.
R03 is not the best media, but after a few burns @12x the results should get better.


Cool, we can anticipate the 16W1P@20W1P! :clap:
With Codeking’s fast patch firmware, it’s a great combination of Intel 965 mobo.

I am still stick at IDE, a K8 ULi mobo :bigsmile: