Lite-On Lead-In

I have a SHM165H6S and the Lead-In is 45-55 sec. it’s long. Has Lite-On fix this on the new burners?

Nope, the lead-in on my LH-20A1H is still fairly long.

I also have Plextor PX-712A. When writing a 8x+R disk in the Plextor and writing a 16x +R in the Lite-On the speed is the same because of the long Lead-In on the Lite-On.

you can write 8x in 6 minutes on your 712a?

Every Liteon burner that I’ve owned has taken a long time on lead-in it just depends on
what kind of disc I’m trying to burn. I’ve had discs take anywhere from 1 minute and 30
seconds all the way up to 2 minutes on lead-in. The time it usually takes is something like
28 seconds up to 48 seconds normaly so 45-55 is normal for a Liteon. :doh:

Same for me. (Gotta love it when you get a sub-30 second lead in.) :iagree:

The Plextor writes +8x as 12x with a lead-in time of about 10-15 seconds.

All LiteOn based drives that I’ve used recently have the same long Lead-In time from 40-50 seconds (Benq 1680/1800/2000 , LiteOn 20A1P)
I don’t know whether this could be fixed by LiteOn engineers in a firmware upgrade or not , but if they fixed that , LiteOn drives would be the best burners in the world :wink:

Earlier Liteon drives don’t have this characteristic. At least, my 832S took 15 secs to do a lead-in. But my 165P6S lead-in is very long, sigh.

I think it’s the way LiteOn designed their high speed drives. Everything after the 832S has had a major change, and you can even find some select 8x & slower burns on the newer drives which don’t have this long lead-in. Also, Samsung uses the same chipsets as some of the LiteOn drives, but Samsung has its 18x and 20x burners spin up once, spin down, then speed up to the maximum speed while writing the lead in. LG drives also do a similar process. Lite-On has the drive spin up to a slightly slower speed, then faster, then slower, then faster, and finally spin up to 18x or 20x about 7 seconds before it starts writing data. Disabling Smartburn does nothing to rememdy this.