Lite on ldw411s >>>>akai dv-p35505 is no go

hi all i have a problemi want to play some burned dvd´s of mine in a akai dvd player (dv-p35505) but it wont work at all i have used all firmwares fso2 fs07 fsob and fsof

but it still won´t work when i burn on a hp200I it works
i am using +r media from arita , datatrack , traxdata,
i know the akai supports +r media because the one burned with the hp was a +r

don´t no what to do anymore ???

ps on my dvd player philips625 evrything works fine :smiley:

I think the Akai may need the “book type field” to DVD-ROM for reading DVD+R.
The HP set this field OK, but the Lite-on can not set it.

See here :

and, for the compatibility of your Akai, here :