Lite On LDW-851S won't read DVD Movies

I guess you have heard of this problem Millions of times, but i couldn’t find a proper solution with the search function or on google.

Anyhow the drive is updated to the latest factory firmware.
i’m running on a system:
Win XP SP2
using Media Player Classic with an amount of codecs to play movies.

Its on the secondary slave behind a 52x LG Cd-rom

The Burner plays everything and burns everything untill you insert a DVD-Rom movie. It just sits there and surrenders. You hear the burner skipping and once it finally reads it, its still a faulty read because everything crashes when you try to access the drive through windows.

Anyone got a solution to fix this coz i’d like to watch dvds on my comp :wink:

Thnx in Advance :slight_smile:

Have you tested the drive with other dvd movies. Could be one bad disc.

Can the drive recognize dvd+r/rw and dvd-r/rw disc’s

yupz it does everything except dvd-rom movies, and it isn’t the software either because when i mount a dvd iso from hdd and play it with the software it runs perfectly

its probebly a sign that your burner is diein, my 811s went a simular way.

you could try a lense cleaner, but as its burning ok it might not help.

Already How can it die so fast :confused: Bah this suxx… Is there any danger if i screw it open i mean are entrails hard to put back together because maybe there is a huge load of dust inside…

brrr i went playing around a bit installing anydvd etc etc and now the thing doesn’t play anything anymore. It reads everything as a cleandisc nothing on it…

So… what does it read out of the following:

-DVDrom video


Try the drive i another PC.

All the cd versions it reads It also read a DVD+RW it took a long time a 2 retries but it reads them. But asoon as you throw in a DVDrom Video it tries to read it and than starts skipping it. Doesn’t matter which dvdrom video i throw in it skips them all and wont read them :frowning:

Sounds like the DVD read laser is a bit screwed. :frowning: Could try opening it up and looking for a BIAS and GAIN pot, and giving them a tweak

i’d love to if i knew what they were :wink:

Right the player has officially died i think, now my computer can’t find it either… very weird problem.

Prolly gonna buy a plextor if this isn’t fixable or does any1 else have good advice on a budget dvdburner that actually works and is good ^^ budget of around 70 euro :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if your computer can’t see it I’d suggest it isn’t worth worrying about.

Bias and gain are related to the voltage given to both the laser, and the motor unit. can’t remember which is which, but changing the potentiometer will change the speed at which motor spins, or the power of the laser. Old lasers tend to weaken, so increasing power gives them a new lease of life in many cases.

Worked for my PSX anyway… my sony DVD-ROM wasn’t so lucky.

well the player is apparently 1 year and 7 months old. And it just died Gonna buy a NEC ND-4550A for 50 euro. Reasonable price and apparently a very good drive hopefully it will work :wink:

Thnx everyone for trying to help :slight_smile: