Lite-On LDW-851S Question!



All of my problems started because I could not get the drive (851S) to recognize Verbatim media when I tryed to write a DVD. When I called Lite-On Tech support, they advised me to upgrade the firmware. I have since found out that Lite-On does not really recommend Verbatim media. I wish that Tech Support would have told me that in the first place because it would have saved me from this problem!!. The original firmware was “GSO8” and the upgrade took me to “GSOP”. With the original firmware, the device at least recognized a DVD movie disk, a CD music disk and a CD data disk. Now with the upgrade firmware, the device will still recognize music and data cd’s but will not play DVD’s. In the mean while, I know that the webpage states that once you upgrade the firmware, you can not go back to the other version. Is that indeed true or is there a “utility” I could use to go back to the “GSO8” firmware! If I could get back to the original firmware, I would then use a recommended media to write my DVD’s! What ever anyone can do for me relative to this problem, I would really appreciate! Thanks, Walt


1)You can always go back to your previous firmware… the Codeguys’webpage, is a good place for them, and you can use the flashers to write back the firmware.

2)A suggestion… download this firmware:
and flash your drive. Verbatim discs are high quality and will work well on your Lite-On.


Hi, Thanks for the response. I am really only interested in you #1 suggestion first! Maybe go to #2 suggestion when I get this thing working again and get braver!! Are you saying that all I have to do is run FixFlash and it will give me the option to return to the original firmware?? Will FixFlash “know” what the original firmware was??? Just being cautious!!!


Yep, all you need to do is FlashFix the firmware. It will work, no matter which firmware you try.


Thanks Bhairav,I was finally able to get the device to read a DVD this morning. I used one of the lens cleaners and it did read. The only thing is, it sure was real slow in detecting the DVD. Certainly not like the other DVD reader in the system. Then when I went back to the “problem” device, it would not read at all. The “problem” device is only 5 months old and I have only written less than 12 disks on it, all cd’s and no DVD’s. What is the warranty that Lite-On gives on their DVDRW’s. Maybe the lens cleaner disk I have is worn out and it is not cleaning properly! What do you think??


Just to add, if I remember right, the “problem” device has always been real slow compared to the other DVD reader. Maybe the real slowness (is that a word?) is due to a firmware problem!!!