Lite-On LDW-811S


I’m interested in purchasing the Lite-On LDW-811S but with the new dual-layered DVD’s to be released in, is it worth going for? Will the drives released now be able to write on the dual layered media? If not, should I wait until this the dual layered media is released in the market?

Aquarius. :slight_smile:

The first DL drives should be released somewhere near the end of Q1-04 or the beginning of Q2-04.

I guess that the first drives won’t be very mature yet, will be expensive etc etc (like always with a brand new product).

Media will not be widely available (I wonder if there are factories that already started producing them, I don’t think so…) and most probably, the quality of the first media won’t be that good.

Besides the aspects on the burner side, there also is the side of the player. Most probably, most players can’t deal with these DL DVDRs, so for now, they only can be used in computers.

My conclusion: I wouldn’t wait for the DL drives, as it may take a while before they can be used like you want to use them. As the LiteOn LDW-811S isn’t all that expensive, I wouldn’t mind buying it now and buying a DL drive for xmas 2k4 or so :wink:


Thx for the info. Can u tell me if it also does game copy protections including Safedisc 2.9 and Securom?

Aquarius :slight_smile: