Lite-On LDW 811S: speed questions

Can someone explain why the 811S (re)writes DVD’s with only 8/4/4/2 speed, even though the Mediatek chipset can do 8/4/8/4 (according to the review in Is there maybe even hope that there will be official (i.e. supported) upgrades to the higher speeds with the “-” format?

Also, can someone explain why the drive reads DVDR only at 6x? It writes DVD+R at 8x, after all; I thought reading is easier than writing.

Is there any review of the 811s coming up on Maybe someone should donate one to OC-Freak…

There is rumours that it will be firmware upgradable to 8/4/8/4 when the specifications for 8X DVD-R and 4X DVD-RW is ready.

They can’t implement it before the specifications is ready :slight_smile:

At the moment there is no 811S review coming from cdfreaks due to communication problems with our contacts at Lite-On.

Yes I agree that it should support 8X DVDR reading.

Yes, of course, without specs they can’t really anncunce it, I realize that. If the rumors will be true, then great for everyone who bought an 811s. :slight_smile: Have the 8xDVD-R / 4xDVD-RW specs been promised to be announced anytime soon?

Sorry to hear about the comm problem with the liteon contacts. Hopefully things will settle soon (and nobody loses their job there).

Can’t promise anything, but I’ve heared that mid January is supposed to be the time when the specs should be ready. (must be ready when pioneer launches the DVR-A07 in February).