Lite-On LDW-811S Not Reading DVDs



I went to backup all of my data on a few dvd-rws just 5 minutes ago, as I am planning to format and have a lot of data that would take forever to transfer over my wireless network. My reasoning for this is that I updated my USB drivers and cant find anyway to roll them back, and now none of the ports work ( I hope to god its not a bios update, I didnt do any but Gigabyte Download Center auto-update feature was really that informative to what it was doing…), so I am having to use my only ps/2 slot keyboard and mouse which was in use on my fathers PC and he really needs it back sometime soon to carry out his work, anyway this is straying off topic.

So I inserted my TDK dvd+rw media and it wont read the discs, going to erase them in Nero did nothing, Windows doesnt even detect there is a disc in the drive, but everything works fine with CD-RWs… I tried some Intenso media I had lying around, also DVD+RW, but the same problem occurs? Im really stuck for ideas :frowning: I have the latest HS0R firmware from

I hope I can get a speedy answer to my problem guys :D, and it would be greatly appreciated as I need to get my ass in gear as quickly as possible. Thanks for all your help,



I brielfy read over the forum rules, didnt see anything about not being able to bump posts, so, bump!

Many thanks