Lite On LDW 811 s firmware trouble


I want to install the new firmware for my DVD burner (HS0P).
When I point my dvd writer and click upgrade it says “Unable to flash firmware, please contact your vendor”.
I am a real noob in this. What do I have to do to upgrade in a normal way???

Thank U

Have you sucessfully flashed your drive before?

Try to flash it on another computer, if it still fails then i think you should do wath the programs says: Contact your vendor!

thx for your reply.

But my writer is running, the problem is that the dvds he writes are not that good. So Pinnacle told me to download the latest firmware. And when I try to install it I get the message… .

I just want to update the firmware.

If you try to upgrade the firmware on another computer and does not fails, then the problem is in your system. If it fails, then you should contact your vendor, because probably there’s a problem in your burner.