Lite On LDW-451S Cannot see a blank DVD-R

Short and Sweet…Been having it (Liteon)for 2-3 years. Work good burn anything and everything. Harddrive was getting ready to take a dive. Replaced Hardive cloned it with old one. Tried to back up home movie using a DVD-r (memorex).Had no problems before with these DVDs. Wont “see” the blank DVD-Rs. I sees a music cd,data cd,DVD-R with data(from same stack),DVD+RW( which I had to use to burn the movie on. I dont have any DVD+R to try at the moment.

Is it possible for the Dual format burner to stop using one format? is there a fix? I did a firmware upgrade and no help. Also tried a differnt brand of DVD-Rs, still no good HELP :Z

It could be that it died, or doesn’t like your Memorex DVDs (Memorex isn’t a good brand anyways…)
You may be able to crossflash it to some 8x burner to try again.

I can understand if the DVD laser stopped working but i was able to burn a DVD+RW. OK Im a noobie at this how do you crossflash?