Lite-On LDW-451S - burning OK or not?

I’m burning with Recordnow! 4.60 with PX Engine 507 at 2x speed.
The DVD’s are scanned with KProbe 1.1.29, but I don’t know what these parameters and numbers mean.
What do you think which burning app is better with Lite-on LDW 451S, the Recordnow 4.60 or the Nero

…and what do you think is it worth upgrading my Lite-on 451S to 851S for better burning quality.


I’ve been using RecordNow Max 4.5 from Stomp, Inc. for quite some time now. I recently replaced my old Pioneer A07 with a LiteOn 451S and have had no probems.

I’ve also flashed it with the 851S GSOH firmware and it runs great. So far…I’ve gotten good 8x burns on 4xDVD+R by Memorex (CMC MAG F01), TDK (RICOHJPNR01), and Sony (RICOHJPNR01).

Not bad considering I paid less than 80$ for this drive.


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