Lite On LDW-415S problem, all ideas welcomed

try and make this as quick as possible… i have a lite on ldw-451s, flashed frimware to GSBA which is to my knowledge the most current firmware available. i have ridata 4x dvd+r’s (a lot of them). ridata says their dvd+r’s are supposed to be compatible with my drive. when i put them in my drive, window’s icon for my drive changes from being “dvd-rw drive” to being “cd-rw” drive. oddly, evenwith no disk in the drive, if i put files ‘on’ the drive to be copied, and then go to write them (keep in mind, no media in drive), the option is to “write files to a cd” and when i click it tells me to insert a blank “cd”, no option for dvd.
also, i have the “smartburn” media checker and it recognized the dvd+r’s as being 4x dvd+r, so why won’t it burn them like that? i have burned cd’s with the drive before, so i know it is capable of burning stuff. any insight into this problem would be very helpful.

problem fixed. the issue was half me being a bumbass, half retarded ass windows. so feel free to punch me and bill gates in the face for wasting your time. yes, you really can punch me in the face. the only stipulation is that you punch bill first. as soon as i see you on FoxNews punching him in the face, i’ll buy your plane ticket.