Lite-On LDW-411S (firm. FS0B)

2 days ago I bought this drive and as I mentioned on the subject
I updated the firmware to FS0B.

I have many problems with this drive, I don’t have time and money
to spend and because it’s my first DVD burner I want some help.

This drive write excellent cheap CD-R media, but it failed 4 times
with DVD-R medias.

When I bought it I also took a cylinder with 5 DVD-R’s (That’s
Write 4x <- brand) which costs 11 euros.

I make the mistake to write 4 of them without simulation and I got
them burned (in the bad way). I used Nero 6.0 and all the times I
got the some error when it reached 100% completed with the
error “Can’t close Disc-At-Once”. The mysterious thing is that I
couldn’t select between Disc-At-Once and Track-At-Once.
Track-At-Once was disabled by Nero.

As you know the Lite-On ships with two empty DVD-R’s. I thought
that it was a Nero problem so I installed the MySonic DVD 4.0 which
was also shipped with the drive and then I upgraded to MySonic
DVD 5.0. I wrote one of them without any problem at 4x and with
Track-At-Once with MySonic DVD 5.0 and then I tried it in a DVD
rom player in my work and it was unreadable.

I don’t know what to do! I can’t experiment all day with f******
Lite-On. I have a friend who has a Pioneer 106D and he has a
ratio of 1 : 800 bad burns (1 BAD - 799 GOOD) and the same time
I have 1 semi-working and 4 bad burns.

I’m seriously thinking to change this drive and buy a Pioneer one.

Is there a solution out there?

___thanx for your time./

Originally posted by aktizol
When I bought it I also took a cylinder with 5 DVD-R’s (That’s
Write 4x <- brand) which costs 11 euros.

Check your DVD Media Code and see if other users are reporting the same problems on the same media. The LiteON 411S is known to be very “picky” about media, even if FS0B has improved the situation. I’d suggest you try other brands first, like Fuji 4x -R, Maxell 4x -R, TDK 4x -R/+R, Verbatim 4x +R/-R, which are easy to find in Europe and are all known to work well.

BTW: “That’s Write” is different from “That’s”. The first one is budget quality, the second is amongst the best you can get.

Man I remember the goold old days and back there That’s tapes were really the best but at the same time soooo beautiful to look at :bow:

i solved my dvd-r burning problem (that’s write 1x) thanks to last firmware released, now I will buy new dvd-r (4x :D) and report you the result