Lite-On LDW-411S dual 4x DVD recorder is available

I just posted the article Lite-On LDW-411S dual 4x DVD recorder is available.

Many people have been waiting for a Lite-On dual
format 4x DVD recorder and it seems the time has come. Several websites are
posting information that the drive is available in retail stores…

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Hmm only 4x DVD+R :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhmmmmmmmm… (x 50) Plextor 708A 8x DVD Combo Burner is out for an insane price of $372 CDN (~$290 USD) which I think is near highway robbery as I thought new tech was supposed to be more expensive then its predecessors first arrived!!! I’ll wait til LiteOn makes the move to 8x then THE NEXT AGE OF EASY DATA BACKUP and DISTRIBUTION HAS TRULY ARRIVED! Yippe… Bye bye 700mb HAS-BEENS!!!

What are these web sites ??

Who would want a slow 4x burner when they could get an awesome, high quality, fast, 8x burner. The PX-708A. Sorry, Lite-On, you guys are too late. You need to make an 8x writer, and by then, Plextor will have a 12x writer. HA. Go grab the Plextor everyone.

A dual format and a Lite-On wohoo… I always burn at the slower speeds anyway. Reliability over time anyday :g

Not everyone’s parents can afford to buy them a new Plextor drive every other month. :d For what Lite-On’s new DVD writers offer, they’re a heck of a deal.

i agree… plus, if you cant wait 15 min for a 4x drive to burn a complete dvd you are a moran with no life… i have absolutely no intention on upgrading my dru500ax until it breaks… has that Plextor 8X dual dvd burner for $264.99.

Oops, the correct price of that Plextor burner is $264.99 BTW was the only place that I found that had the Lite-On dual 4X dvd burner. That was 6 months ago. When they first started selling it the price was $315.00 & now it’s around $220.00.

WTF the prices I posted are showing up wrong. I guess they consider my post spam. Oh well, just trying to pass along some info for those interested.

No, there’s a bug :slight_smile: Just type a space after the dollar sign, and it’ll be OK

Anyone got a uk website for this drive?

8x or 4x is not that important; especially as there is not a lot of 8 speed media around (and Plextor goes only 8x on dvd+R, not on minus). The most important for many users : does it work well with cheap media. The answer for Sony, NEC and the new Plextor is NEGATIVE. Until now only Pioneer (models 3, 4, 5 and 6) and the latest Teac seem to handle well with cheap media. Hoping that LiteOn will do the same … waiting for testresults instead of shouting I like 8 speed, but then they forget to mention that you have to pay way to much for the only media it will write on.

It is PCBee, one of South Korea’s largest computer-related sites. The information came from Worldwise, a Taipei-based company that distributes Lite-On IT ODD products in South Korean market. Since I know some people from Lite-On and Worldwise, I heard the news some weeks ago. The drive will begin to be sold in South Korea in about two weeks.

Have found one site for this drive: where it is advertised for €162.50 which gives us the guide price of around £120+P&P Anyone found a UK site? :):slight_smile:

Here’s a UK seller: