Lite-on ldw-401s problem

Just bought it, burns dvd, no problem here. When I try to copy a standard cd-r I get the following result;

Writer error (logical unit communication crc error (Ultra-DMA/32))
> System Info
> Burn4FreeVersion=
> WindowsVersion=WinXP
> NtProductType=WorkStation
> AspiVersion=
> Burn4FreeASPIMessage=BMASPI32; (SPTI 0); (SPTI 1)
> InternetExplorerVersion=6.00.2800.1106
> DeviceName=LITE-ON DVD+RW LDW-401S ES0G
> ReadMethod2=YES
> WriteCDR=YES
> WriteTest=YES
> WriteDVDR=NO
> WriteISRC=NO
> UnderrunProtection=YES
> DeviceMaxWriteSpeed=40
> DeviceMaxReadSpeed=40
> DeviceBufferSize=0
> DeviceType=5
> DeviceType=0
> Device=1:0:0,D: LITE-ON DVD+RW LDW-401S ES0G
> IsJustLinkCapable=YES

I tried Nero 6 as well, same problem. The burner is recognised by Nero, you can test it, upgraded the Lite-on firmware, tried several brands of cd-r discs, no result. The software starts allright, but when it starts to write to the cd-r, then the whole process comes to a halt. Anyone ideas to solve this problem.

Believe it or not, I solved the problem. I noticed that a lot of people had the same problem and one of the suggestions was the replace the ide-cable. So I did and the problems are over.

Hi hdpatrick, welcome to the forum. That’s certainly an unusual fix, but thanks for posting it. Were you copying disc-to-disc?

Yes and copy from hd as well. The fix is not that unusuall, I`ve read it on several sites now.

hmmm i wonder if my problems with dvd not burning 4x very well …could be a ide cable problem… always worth a try

hdpatrick, are you using the LDW-401S on the same IDE cable as another optical device? I’m having similar problems, windows just doesn’t seem to like my drive at all! Nero will recoginise the drive, Alcohol 120% won’t let me select the drive when attempting to burn…will give the IDE cable trick a go…

Yes, the dvd writer is Master and the dvd-rom is connected as Slave. All works fine now.

I’ve used a new IDE cable, set both drives to cable select, still no luck, windows picks both drives up, but Alcohol won’t allow me to select the 401S to burn! Argh! What driver does windows report your drive is using mate?

What do you mean with; set both drives to cable select?
The dvd burner uses Microsoft version 5.1.2535.0 and the firmware version is I updated that one straight away.
Did you set your burner as Second master and the other one (dvd or cd-rom) as Slave of the second master?

Fatman, I just figured that cable select thing out. Wouldn`t do that if I was you. According to Lite-on you have!!! to set the burner as Master on the second ide and your dvd-rom as Slave of the burner. That should do the trick.
Cheers Pat

Aiight, I’ll give that a go and report back, thanks mate

Check for results, I managed to make a backup by updating my IDE controller driver, and also installing support for Alcohol120%

Good on you mate. Glad it`s all working now. Catch you later, Pat.

I am a real newbie.

I have been reading this thread and think I have the same problem with my Lite-On LDW - 401S. I have tried Nero and Easy CD-DVD Creator v6 and the drive starts but never burns. I have the drive set up as secondary IDE, not slaved. Am I understanding the fix being discussed correctly? Replacing the IDE cable solved the problem? (Also did the IDE cable that everyone first used come with the drive unit?)

(I also upgraded to the latest version of Firmware for this drive).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

One frustrated rookie. Thanks.

I first used the flat cable that was in the computer to connect the two " old" drives (cd-rw and dvd-rom). When installing the Lite-on dvd burner I noticed that the system recognised the burner but it didnt burn any dvds. After trying several things I finally used the flatcable that came with the dvd burner and the whole thing worked. Its not that mÿ system is old, I bought it 10 months ago so I have no explanation why one flatcable works and the other one not, but it did the trick for me.
Good luck, Patrick.

Looks like I am running into the same problem as well.

But I don’t understand why a new cable would solve the problem. If it can burn DVD, then that means it’s passing data correctly. What is different about burning CDR?

Help…I’ve created 5 coasters already. :frowning:


Exactly Stephen,

'cause I suffer the same problem; i can burn DVDs, but not mp3 or pictures. How can that relate to the cable ?
As I see it the problem must be in the software somewhere…

Hope somebody has got the “key” for this as it’s quite annoying !


Welcome to cdfreak :slight_smile:
Probably the large amount of small files causes a disk performance problem when accessing the files. Try to burn in two steps. First burn the files to an image file instead of the drive, then burn the image file.

thanks a lot, ala :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a shot like you describe.
I doubt it’ll work though, as a music cd only contains 12-20 files and I can’t burn that either.

Take care :slight_smile: