Lite-on LDW-401s Errors

My liteon Ldw-401s was working fine for weeks now, But now I keep getting this error when I try to burn or copy dvds.
Device Error Snese Code (3 73 03)-Power calibration Area Error-Sequential Write DVD ERR, 226051.
Can onyone give me some much needed assistance? Thanks…

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Usually, this is a media-related error. Trying different/better DVD’s might fix it.

Thank you: I have been using the new Memorex DVD+R and out of 25 disks 7 were bad. Any sugguestions on disks? TDK…

The 4x Memorex is pretty well tested in the test forum, it’s decent quality Ricoh AFAIK. Try burning at 2.4x, would like to see some scans if you can post some.
Personally, I’ve seen quite a bit of variation from one disc to the next, don’t know if it’s the media or drive. The Fuji DVD+R/RW is the best I’ve seen in the 401, and while it can be burned at 4x, 2.4x is better. It’s also Ricoh, but a different version.

I have just bought a Lite-On LDW-401S and am lovin’ it. First set of dvd+r’s i bought were the fuji, and dumped a good chunk of change for the 25 pack. (gosh, i’m so used to CD-R’s lol) I grabbed them from Office-Max.
I put faith in these forums and researched here before I bought them. have not had one coaster burning at 2.4x with these DVD+R’s, great quality.

heres a snapshot from dvd info:

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Yes, they are very good, and can also be burned fairly well at 4x.