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website we can find a review of Lite-On’s first DVD recorder, the
LDW-401S. The drive supports the DVD-R(W) recording format and can write both
DVD+R and DVD+RW media at…

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what crack are they smoking this drive needs a major firmware upgrade… write good @ 2.4x but 4x is kinda random!

Random? Please explain your findings.

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the ES0G firmware burns some disks good others REALLY BAD! @ 4x … 2.4 is the same. i went back to ES0C and the first 4x burn i did was GREAT! read it on ES0C and ES0G and played GREAT in dvd player! HUGE difference of the K-probe scans! i have a bandwidth limit of 33 megs a day! but i converted all the jpgs to png so it should not max out unless everyone on Cdfreaks hits it! Ive been looking for some decent free space that allows ftp upload and im having trouble finding that… im finishing updating it now and should be up later tonight! Sorry for the double post i can not figure out how to remove the first as it is older
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thx for fixing the link! there is a thread in the cdfreaks liteon forum to discuss this issue better that here. titled LDW-401S DVD+R Media Compatibility?
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