Lite-On LDW-401S: Can it handle much protections?



Hey, I want to buy a new writer: a DVD writer this time. Lite-On has always been great to copy the latest protections, but that was with the CD line-up.
Can the DVD-writer of Lite-On, the LDW-401S, also handle a those copyprotections (i.e. is it 2 sheep, so is the writer able to copy SafeDisc 2.9 and can the drive be used to copy SecuROM using Twinpeak?).
I’m also interested in the capacities of ripping protected audio cd’s. I hope some people can help me!
(If this drive is not as good as the CD-writers, i’ll buy a 52327S CD-writer and a NEC ND-1300A/Pioneer A06)


Havent done any testing with mine as yet. DAE seems quite quick, and its my assumption (someone correct me if I am offtrack) that it is more than likely a “2 sheep” burner…

It seems to be able to do pretty much all the things my 48125W can…;).

All the same, this isnt proven yet. I need to do some testing.


I hope it is. I looked for more drives but they all are likely not made to copy protections…