Lite-on ldw-401s(1.0)

I have just bought a lite-on ldw 401s (1.0) drive. when i use
“alchohol 120%” or “prassi primo” to copy ps2 dvdr discs both
applications don’t recognize my drive. when i copy cd roms
the work fine, they just don’t recognize it as a dvd recorder.
Does anyone know how i can fix this. I use win xp. Thanks.

I take it when you say “doesnt recognize the drive” you mean “doesnt detect blank DVD disc”, because you also mention that it does burn fine to CDR - so it must recognize the drive!

You also mention “DVDR” … I suspect that you are trying to use DVD-R discs? You need to use DVD+R discs.


Hi there thanks for the help. No i am using the correct media,
both applications and now “record now max” are seeing the drive
as a dvd rom/cdrw drive instead of a dvd writer,everything else
is perfect. P.S “CLONE DVD” works fine so i am thinking perhaps
it’s the lite-on software i.e the drivers that are causing the problem but i could be wrong.Anyone have any ideas. Should i try
reinstalling drive software now i have said applications on my system, i don’t think that will make any diffrence do you. :slight_smile:

Thats very strange … what version of BIOS are you using?

It’s not a Lite-ON driver problem, it’s more likely a problem with the versions of software not supporting your drive correctly. Try applying any available updates.

I’m interested in buying this drive but don’t want to buy all new copying software!
Does anyone know which software supports this drive?

What firmware version are you using? Update to latest
firmware and try again.


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Originally posted by johnnydee
Does anyone know which software supports this drive?

the eating popcorn DOLLY, CLONE DVD…it rocks!

i have same drive, out of 20 Arita dvd+r’s only two where recognised as blank media. could they be a bad batch , by the way bought them in seperate packs at different stores