Lite-on ldw 401-s

Hi there, i have just bought a lite-on ldw 401-s (1.0) and have
tried using alchohol 120% . This works fine for backing up cd roms
but when i try to backup a dvd rom game(ps2) it doesn’t recognize it as a dvd writer, is there any way i can correct this.:confused:

I have the same problem, Alcohol120% won’t let me select the drive from the burn window. Am using

EDIT It has come to my attention that we may need to download additional drive support for the current version, which can be found here:

Cannot confirm/deny if this works, am at work atm, will post back though when I do

It’s working here just fine with latest update.

Yeah, I installed that drive support update, and now my burner works great! Also, I had to update my IDE controller driver to the one supplied by nForce 2.45

Its always worth checking for drive updates on the Alcohol support forum, we initiated this so that problems with drives could be addressed before a full update version was released.