Lite-On Launches Blu-ray Devices at This Years IFA

I just posted the article Lite-On Launches Blu-ray Devices at This Years IFA.

Lite-On Launches Blu-ray Devices
at This Years IFA
Eindhoven, The Netherlands '“ Lite-On
IT is ready for the High Definition era and will show their next generation
products for the…

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Looks like very few companies are making HD DVD drives. Every article I’ve seen mentions the top drive makers releasing Blu-Ray drives only Has HD DVD lost the “war” already?

No, you got the feeling because of the different marketing strategies. While the companies behind Blu-ray are more focusing on PC hardware (burners) at the moment is the HD-DVD camp focusing more on movie playback devices, such as standalone players. There are already a few standalone HD-DVD player around while only one BD-player has been released. Only time will tell which format suc(ks)ceeds more
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they havent changed it and the question remains: 2b or not 2b1s :+

Well there is really only one HD DVD player too as the RCA player is a Toshiba clone. BD has far more players upcoming though (Pioneer, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, Sony and now Lite-On).
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