Lite-On JS0D Firmware?

I have a lite-on 1673s, with JS0B firmware. I bought two (25 pack) of Philips 8x DVD+R media on sell at Circuit City. (CMC MAG E01) I know these are cheap media but my 1673 has always done a good job reading and writing TDK and Sony CMC MAG. My 1673 would not even recognize the Philips media. I updated to JS0D and my 1673 would not do anything. It just said the burner was idle. I finally had to flash back to JS0B. It is working again. My question is, has anyone else had problems with JS0D firmware.
Also any idea why the 1673 would not recognize the Philips CMC MAG E01?

I flashed my 1673 JS0B last night to 1693 KS0B. It does burn better now, as it will burn -R’s now as before it never would. It will still not recognize the Philips Media CMC MAG E01, evewn though it is on the supported list. I’m still wondering about the JS0D and if anyone else has had this problem.

I have a lite-on 1673s. With JS02 (I think) firmware it worked fine. I flashed to JSOC and had problems so I grabbed JS0D as soon it is came out. JS0D is a disaster. I have lots of Verbatim DVD+R MCC/003 media that I burned when I had JS02. Now it takes me about 5 goes before I can mount them. 4 times out of 5 I get “no media” error messages. Once the DVDs are mounted I can read them without problems. I also have Philipps DVD+RW media that I cannot read. Should I flash to JS0B? Is there anyway to flash without Windows (from Linux or DOS on a diskette)?

The JS0B wrote +R’s fine for me, but would not burn -R’s. The crossflash to 1693 KS0B is the way to go. It will burn either one now. Glad to know others had problems with it and not just me.