Lite-On/JLMS 165H/166S

Does anyone have any information regarding the differences between the 165H and 166S drives, whether badged as LiteOn or JLMS? My company uses them in tower duplicators and have had wildly different results - the 165H seems to have a very poor read capability, whereas the 166S is vastly better - yet most tech websites list them under the same banner with the same specs.

i have the 165h and is a very good cdrom player…
It reads twin sektors (Blindwrite images with BWa file, securom 4.80.xx) perfectly and also for EAC its perfect…

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I can’t remember which one right now but there have been some threads about the difference between 165 and 166. 166s always seems to be a little more expensive.

Changes from 165H (LiteOn sales doc)

  1. User protection against fragment of crashing disc :
  • New top cover with folding edge
  1. Acoustic noise improvement
  • No damper screw hole on tray
  • Stream-line design of chassis loader to reduce noise induced by air flow in the drive
  • New bezel and top cover design
  1. IDE cable Short prevention
  • Isolate IDE connector and bottom cover to prevent IDE cable short caused by direct contact with bottom cover
  1. Disc scratch free design
  • New tray design with contacting slope to prevent disc scratched by tray in OD area.

Improvement of LTD166S

  1. Tray in out noise improvement
  • Improve precision of center distance and grade of gears.
  • Optional dual driving type ( gears train /belt).
  1. Better dust proof
  • No slots around screw hole on bottom cover.
  • Labyrinth dust-path design on chassis.
  • Flatness spec. improvement of bezel and door.
  1. Better ESD/EMC margin.
  • Protection wall on tray motor.
  • Front screw holes are closer to bezel.
  1. Better non-op shock and drop capability

LTD-166S : Traverse design

  1. Symmetric suspension points ( good for vibration).
  2. Light weight ( good for vibration)
  3. Strong structure against drop or shock

What are you reading casue my 165H reads everything…