Lite-On IT to roll out 18x DVD burner - BenQ on hold

I just posted the article Lite-On IT to roll out 18x DVD burner - BenQ on hold.

DigiTimes is reporting that Lite-On is planning
third quarter volume production of 18x speedy burners. Of course, Plextor
has announced such a drive already, the PX-760A 18x DVD burner…

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I bet an 18x drive will make about a 10-20 sec difference :S If they really want to speed up burning, they should add a second laser! Burn from the outside in and the inside out simultaneously!

I thought the exact same thing. I guess there would be loads of problems with 2 lasers though. I’m glad that BenQ are concentrating more on quality than speed. Speed seems to be the only thing the other manfactureres think about.

How about either 2 lasers: each one burns their own layer. Or with lightscribe burners have a laser on top burn the label as you are burning your disc. Of course Lightscribe burning will have to improve in speed to keep up with the dvd burning.

Great. Now we can get coasters at 18x in under 5½ minutes, instead of getting usable burns in 6 minutes. Just like we got 52x CD-R burners that could make coasters out of good media in a few seconds less than it took to get acceptable burns on the same media with the previous generation of 48x burners. Maybe I’m just a pessimist. :frowning:

Well, I’d rather see them working to get 16x burns to the level of quality that I get out of my 1640 and TYG02 at 8x. I don’t sit and watch the drive anyway, so saving a minute but getting iffy quality isn’t interesting to me. I’d like to see them get better quality out of a much wider range of media brands and speeds than to just keep going for faster and faster. :slight_smile:

18x? Wow. So why haven’t I ever seen blank media rated higher than 8x? It’s not as if I haven’t been looking.

How many people actually burn data at 16x ? I still burn my stuff at 4x - 8x for reliability and yes it does make a difference. Burn quality is far more important to me than outright speed. Where are the savings in burning fast when the burn quality will be less than it should be ? Of course it’s this “faster and faster” mindset that people get conditioned with thinking that it will make life easier when in reality it doesn’t.

I thought these things work on a digital principle? Long as the 1’s and 0’s make it onto the disc then the quality should be ok? I burn at 16x but run the verify data option (Nero) and it always passes…

im just boring then as i have never written a disk above 4x and i have have neber had a bad write either so must be doing something write :g