Lite-On IT to offer 20x DVD burners in 4Q

I just posted the article Lite-On IT to offer 20x DVD burners in 4Q.

chas0039 used our news submit to tell us that according to this report from DigiTimes, we will be seeing some 20x drives before long.
Remember the old CD writer jokes? Like, when’s the…

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So I will be able to burn faster then I can read? Is that possible? Please tell me we will have 24x readers by then. Being stuck at 16x for 3+ years sucks.
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Step 1 - Go to the airport Step 2 - Sit on the runway Step 3 - Enjoy the sound of 20x dvd Reading/writing as jet planes fly past. :B

No, that was a great comment. Darn writers never got faster reading than 16x. And when they prolly are riplocked as well, puhhh :slight_smile: But who cares about DVD Writers. Gave up that interest a long time ago. We need Blu-Ray’s.

Who cares about 18X, 20X, 24X, 32X…:r I just continue to burn @ 8X for quality burns… What are they thinking? they should give us DL cheaper already since i’m noth interested in BD and HD-DVD for now because they’re infested with DRM… This sucks :r

Not interested in speed, give me blue ray and it’s large capacity.

Give me a medium with large capacity, low noise and no DRM :+

Has there ever been a DRM associated with a burnable media?

People keep saying this and I have not heard anything that would have DRM on it besides stuff you could buy downloading…So am I missing something here?

:B 20x… this must be a joke, the rotational speed is too high for a optical unit to bear… better decrease the log-in and disc recognition times - so we’ll gain up to 20". This is marketing bullshit.

18x is currently marketing bullshit. The curent drives actually do 18x burns slower than some old burners do 16x burns. It also can only burn at 18x with really high quality 16x discs. For 20x to be of any use, it’s got to get burn time below 5min for a full disc.Otherwise, it’s really going to be bullshit too.

“Has there ever been a DRM associated with a burnable media?” I think one thing is connected with another. When i said i was not interested in BD and HD-DVD i wasn’t referring to blank media but the formats. BD and HD-DVD will bring new DRM strategies and if we buy the blank media, sure it hasn’t DRM but consider buying a movie in Blue-Ray, suposedly you couldn’t rip it and make a backup to BD-R:r With DVD actually you can :S

6 to 8 minutes at 8X to 16X is not bad. What’s the hurry?(Of course, I am an old guy and probably more patient than you youguns)

waste of money and quality of burns. they should let it read at 20x and higher if possible

The disturbing thing about the latest crop of DVD burners is the limited range of recording speeds available with various media codes. Many current burners won’t allow burning less than 8x and some won’t even allow that. So it looks like one will have to use hacked firmware to burn at slower speeds or resort to using an older burner which supports the slower burn rates.

“Now, Sonic Solutions is providing DVD-burning software that comes equipped with DRM protection, which would prevent the making of numerous copies, according to a statement from Sonic Solutions.” From July 17 last news entry It seems there is a probability for you to be affected by DRM in some dif ways…even to limit blanks usage.

Christ stop all work on DVD burners and start producing BluRay burners.

Just marketing. The same reason why the optical storage industry does not want to release 8x Blu-ray and 8x HD DVD not anytime soon. 8x Blu-ray is just 18MB/s which is slower than 16x DVD.

“8x Blu-ray is just 18MB/s which is slower than 16x DVD.” 1x BD-R is 36 Mbps or 4.5 MB/s. 8x BD-R will be 36 MB/s.