Lite-On IT SATA Blu-ray drive LH-2B1S to be released in August



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   Lite-On IT reveals BD (Blu-ray  Disc) plans June 6th 2006 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands '“ Lite-On IT, one  of the world's biggest optical disc drive manufacturers, is ready for the next ...
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atleast we got a date now. To bad it’s from Liteon and also it will cost a grand.


Would it make you feel better if it was base don a BenQ design?


Who is going to make a low cost blu-ray or HD-DVD reader for the PC? The reader for the 360 who makes that?


Lite-On IT has been one of the most kick ass CD/DVD manufacturers for at least the past 5 years. Do you people think at all before you speak?


I just heard a few bad things about liteon recently. Also there stand alone dvd players suck.


Was that a sarcasm? My meter is broken.


No, its not sarcasm. Lite-On was one of the only CD writers in the early days to be capable of correctly copying some of the copy protection schemes on PC games. And I’ve been in bed with them ever since.


Yes, I know that LiteOn has always made good CD burners, 5237 in particular. However their early DVD writers were crap. I’m also aware that they are getting better, but you can’t dismiss three years of craptacular DVD burners that easily.


I’ve had a Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-832S for about a year now and I’ve never had one coaster. Any DVD that didn’t turn it like I wanted it to were authoring mistakes or OS quirks. Never a problem with the writer itself. If you are referring to first generation Lite-On DVD writers they may have been less than stellar but first generation of anything is always that way isnt it?


I am a Liteon fan, but the model LH-2B1S reads literally LH - To Be One Ass. No offence, Taiwan. :B cheers.


Which is why Im glad that my Benq 1640 is my primary burner… LiteOn fell off the wagon with their DVD buner lines while Pioneer and NEC were turning out great burners… I learned my lesson, Ill wait for the reviews before I decide to purchase another LiteOn drive…


I’d like to visit Guangzhou Science Park. :slight_smile:


Yeah thats bang on… Lite-On CD writers = Best writers in the world back in the day WE’RE TALKIN LIKE 5 YEARS AGO THOUGH DVD WRITERS WERE ALL RUBBISH Hell I know I bought a couple of them…


I have a LiteOn DVD recorder (LVW-5005) I bought last year. It’s still in the box. I really should get it setup and burn some of those VHS “nature films” I have onto DVD. Yeah, I should do that. Are there rides at this park? LOL. :slight_smile:
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There are. But only in circles under a laser beam :wink: