Lite-On IT releases more information on LTR-52327S drive

I just posted the article Lite-On IT releases more information on LTR-52327S drive.

Zohg lets us know that Lite-On IT
has posted more information on their website on the upcoming LTR-52327S CD-RW
recorder. The main improvement of the drive will probably only be the…

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enough speed, now add more capacity to cheap CDs, eh. I was looking forward to MultiLayer CDs that were supposed to be out a while back. Oh well…

32x re-write!? Can anyone get hold of a 12X re-write let a loan 24X, or 32X?? The highest i’ve seen is 10X.

now who´ll bet against the fact that all 52246s will be upgradeable via firmware???:d

ill take that bet :g see the model LTR-52327S the 7 at the end denotes MediaTek 7 chip the LTR-52246s has MediaTek 6 , so i doubt this can be done

Is anyone still buying new CD-RW drives? They have nothing new to offer!

Try it… the firwmare is out there.

I don’t know why so many people have trouble to get 24x 700 MB Mitsubishi CD-RW media. I get it in a local store for 1,80 Euro per disc. You can look at some quality checks here:

You can get verbatim 24x RW here…

24x CDRW is sold everywhere now. the new drive offer 24x CAV so it’s faster then the old one. not to mention it has 32x too, although there is no 32x CDRW media yet.

New drive?? I’ve already been using this drive for 2 weeks … and yah, they only bundled a 16-24X CDRW for that matter … :slight_smile:

How much more quieter is this new drive compared to it’s predecessors?