Lite-On IT receives Toshiba orders for HD-DVD burners

I just posted the article Lite-On IT receives Toshiba orders for HD-DVD burners.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about more news
from DigiTimes. In this article, we get the confirmation of the earlier
news that Lite-On will be producing HD-DVD drives as…

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I would have thought Samsung would be the first with dual format: their half height BluRay drive already uses a dual mechanism for CD compatibility. Ergo ensuring one arm can read HD DVD and one to read BluRay would be quite easy. The cost of two blue lasers would make the drive expensive - but that will soon flatten out.

If I will see more and more Hybrid HD DVD/ DVD disc around I will probably get the external HD DVD X360 drive just to start watching Hi Res video without spending a lot of $$$ for a stand alone player. Let’s see the final price of this external drive…

It seems that Lite-On IT is becoming more and more important to many CD/DVD/BD/HD-DVD producers in the world… Think of all the announcements we’ve seen in the news section lately. I wonder about the market shares in Opticals over the world, only a few manufacturers left…:X