Lite-On IT may offer Super multi drives with 16x DVD RAM

I just posted the article Lite-On IT may offer Super multi drives with 16x DVD RAM.

From the better late than never department (this news is now a few days old thanks to me) we would like to direct your attention to this tidbit over at DigiTimes. Looks like Lite-On may…

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what other features will be left?!?! All that you will need s 16x recording on everthing DVD related, and 52x recording on everything CD related, and the T@2, labelflash, and lightscribe all in 1.

Well, maybe it needs to say something about the 10/11000 rpm related problems and its impact on disc life expectancy, as it seems the high speed involves some risks and come at a price, one aspect being the number of times it can be written that is said that can decrease from 100 000 to 10 000 (this one being just 10% of the former). And with some manufacturers referring a HD-DVD-RAM format capable of doing at least 20 GB and compatibility problems of 16x RAM discs with older 5x drives, we may consider a bit about the one to pick now.

Yes but DVD-RAM is affordable and available and HD-DVD-RAM is not and won’t be for say 18-24 months at least. In 24 months HD-DVD-RAM will be a good looking data storage method unless something better comes along.

if it doesnt have any DRM, or copy protection formats, then I will DEFINATELY support this format… even if its less data than blue ray or hd-dvd… just buy another disc and were up there.

I for one am very much interested in trying out some fast RAM discs. Even at the slower speeds a lot of people here seem to like the format.

disc’s don’t have drm it’s the data on the disc.

Yes, for sure the new format is not for the very short term, as we don’t have the fast discs in the market yet. If you need the speed fine enough, it may be a good option. My point is if you already have a 5x drive you can’t use the fast discs even jusy for reading so you face the option - to keep the former one or buy a new drive, and here it pays if you need the speed. About the format. It has been put aside because people couldn’t find the media and it was more expensive and with just a couple of drives in the western markets. Panasonic being mainly in the OEM market didn’t push hard enough. There are clear advantages: larger life expectancy, higher (much higher ) number of times you can write to disc * checking of written data, so no unexpected writting errors * formatted as FAT32 RAM drives are seen as HDD by the machine, so no need of packet writing software * you can write to the disc and read from it at the same time I consider this pays for the price dif, specially if you could get a drive with cartridge support.

agomes, the 5x DVD-RAM is available on the market for a while now, so you cannot say it were not available!

np as long as the public is informed,delays are of no importance. And i tought it was news of no interest,since it was not posted…i could not be more wrong. :slight_smile:

The drives might be available. But there are more sightings of Elvis in the backstreets of Calcutaa than discsavailable to actually use.:frowning:

Yes indeed, besides not that easy to find the 5x discs are in the market for some time now. I’ve bought some in Frankfurt during last Summer (the cartridge Panasonic discs) but didn’t see them since…only the bare 2-3x. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that the 12x and 16x discs are not yet in the market, as these are the ones we can call “fast discs” now not the former 5x ones that will join the “slow” group. But in other EU countries and cities the 5x discs were never seen. The reason being because home video recorder don’t require them and still use the 2-3x discs.