Lite-On IT goes to close own-brand DVD recorder business

I don’t understand. BenQ ODD’s are out, LiteON ODD’s out too.

Wait - do they mean recorders like the DD-A100GX, that use optical disks to record TV shows like VCR’s used to?

Or do they mean that they are no longer going to make PC DVD RW burners?

^Sounds like both to me.

But this makes no sense. Why buy BenQ at all then?

I don’t think this post is true :a

They say DVD Recorder - which leads me to believe it is their HOME ENTERTAINMENT recorders. The article says:

The case with Wal-Mart, Lite-On IT’s largest client for consumer DVD recorders, shows the difficulty to make money on consumer ODDs, Liao pointed out explaining Lite-On IT’s withdrawal from the global own-brand market. Sales of own-brand DVD recorders currently account for 5-6% of Lite-On IT’s total revenues, Liao indicated.

DVD Burners must account for MUCH more than 5-6% of their revenue, but I can see that their Home Entertainment Recorders could be in that 5-6% range.

DVD Recorders are one thing - DVD Burners another.

Clarification posted at (in Dutch) with an English translation posted at CDRLabs.

The essence is that only LiteOn standalone DVD Recorders are affected - optical disc drives for PCs are not affected.

Thanks Drage. I just got done emailing the folks at DIGITIMES to ask for a clarification.

This makes MUCH more sense.

Ohh, that makes sense now. What a relief…

It really annoys me sometimes what passes for “journalism”.

Can’t people take the time to write clear, accurate stories that don’t leave room for this kind of misunderstanding? I can hardly believe some of these dweebs actually get paid for doing this. :frowning:

This quarter, Lite-On IT will continue amortizing losses from consumer ODDs, including those from returns of DVD recorders shipped through Wal-Mart, so the profitability will not significantly improve from last quarter, Liao noted.

This is the most interesting part of the story. Lite-On is losing money on sales of settop DVD recorders because of returns from Wal-Mart. The average consumer is buying these suckers, and then failing to get them to work.

I’m one of them. I bought one from Best Buy - the DD-A100GX - and took it back because it flat didn’t work right and had horrible AV input quality. Got a Panasonic DMR-ES15 instead and the thing works like a charm and has excellent AV input quality.

Yeah, the Lite-On was way easy to use, but the Panasonic is clearly a superior unit in terms of stability and quality.

Just spotted this :eek:…thanks Drage :slight_smile:

You know, both me and my mum have been considering buying LiteOn DVD recorders. Ah well, if that idea goes belly-up, there’s always Philips :wink:

better be. damn why would ownage that is liteon get out now when they definately moved up

carefully removes noose from neck and steps down from rickety chair :stuck_out_tongue:

Spoken like a true CDFreak! :bigsmile:

Hahaha! I nearly joined you :bigsmile:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of other news outlets that echo the DigiTimes. I heard about this here, so I decide to head to a more authoritative place (read: here :P) to verify if that was true. Oh well. Guess I’ll save my eulogy for another day.

I did get a clarification Email from Digitimes - that was cool.

They confirmed it was ONLY the Lite-On stand-alone DVD Players and Recorders made for home entertainment systems.

They also confirmed that the DVD Burner business is in no way effected.

Darn nice of them to reply. :slight_smile: