Lite-On IT goes to close own-brand consumer DVD recorders

I just posted the article Lite-On IT goes to close own-brand consumer DVD recorders.

  Despite  Lite-On's recent introduction of new HDD/DVD  recorders featuring HDMI output,       Lite-On has now decided that it  is going to close out its own-brand consumer optical disc...
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As reported in the discussion thread, this does not affect LiteOn optical disc drives for PCs. So “DVD Recorder” shouldn’t be taken to mean “CD-RW/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM burner” in this context - these will continue to be sold under the LiteOn brand.
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My guess is that Lite-On does not have the same mass market appeal as the established name brands. I.e., people would be more apt to buy a Panasonic branded Lite-On DVD recorder than a Lite-On branded DVD recorder because Panasonic is a more familiar and trusted brand name. Most consumers do not do the research to know that Lite-On makes both recorders. (Note: Only using Panasonic as an example, have no idea if P actually uses LO OEM drives or not, so substitute a known name brand rebadged LO in place of Panasonic if you like.)

In Germany Liteon have a bad reputation for DVD-recorders, it´s called only cheap, but not good