Lite-On IT first Taiwan maker to produce HDD+DVD recorder



I just posted the article Lite-On IT first Taiwan maker to produce HDD+DVD recorder.

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"This is quite interesting to me… can you use both the DVD and HDD at once? are there performance issues?? Lets hope they come in SATA flavors, I…

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“can you use both the DVD and HDD at once?” That is the feature that I have been waiting for ever since these units were introduced. I would have thought that feature would have been standard on Panasonic models by now since they are in their 5th generation of DVD Video Recorders :frowning:


I thought Panasonic had already had one…but if i remember correctly it was a sat reciever with hdd…but i am not sure anymore

#4 hmm…they talk about the first Taiwanese manufacturer…didn’t read that before…but the concept is not new


Some months ago there were info on Liteon’s website about a LVW-5020 but it is gone now. It was a DVD recorder that could record to DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and HDD. I have never seen a HDD/DVD+R recorder before, it has always been DVD- and HDD. Beside that it could also record movies to CD-R/RW in VCD/SVCD format and also music could be recorded to CD-R/RW in standard audio-cd format/quality. It sounded like a really great recorder, so I hope this is the one they are going to mass produce…:slight_smile:
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What the?! Maybe this would explain why it looks like their R&D team didn’t put much effort into their 1213S… I wonder if their resources are being overextended by trying to do so many things at once.