Lite-on it Corp oem site log in ? Lite-on SOHD-167t oem firmware?

I bought an Lite-on SOHD-167T dvd-rom.

  1. I went to the site and seeking in the odd
    products no firmware for dvd-rom, it has no sublinks to it, how is that ?
  2. When trying to get on OEM-site it asks for log-in what is up with this ?

I want to firmware upgrade my Lite-On SOHD-167T and take the kprobe utility for turning of the region code, how to download ? (you don’t see this bs on dvd-rom firmware upgrade sites like Asus tec)

Thanx :confused:

get the newest firmware here:

get this util to make your drive region free:

read also:

thanks Choko,

Gonna try your advice :slight_smile: