Lite-On IT attains 80.63% of 2004-target pre-tax profits

I just posted the article Lite-On IT attains 80.63% of 2004-target pre-tax profits..

 GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that Lite-ON has  reported its self estimated  performance rating for the year ending 2004.  Lite-ON's before tax profits reached NT$4.92...
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Or maybe because its lost ground to other makers because its DVD Writers are, well lets say not number one in the write quality stakes.

true, i dont hear too much people getting a liteON dvd writer. As a dvd writer owner, i hear a lot of famous brands like pioneer, nec, asus, LG, plextor. but not lite on… pioneer and nec are the most wanted dvd burners i think

I’ve got two Lite-ONs and two NECs never had a problem with any of them, the Lite-ONs are Codeguys CG4E firmware, and every disc is perfect, DVD-R+RW+R never had a ‘bomber’. Perhaps folks are simply using the wrong discs…personally I always use Ritek manufactured discs, with a smattering of Verbatim for good measure.

I have always been curious about this little issue. Why do CDF consistently post information about LiteOn’s financial state? Why do they not post financial information for that of other companies, such as Pioneer? Is there some background logic to all of this?

Well, maybe its just me, but to me quality decreased rapitly after the LTR-52246S series of cd burners (flimsy tray, worse writing quality, decreased life time etc) With the dvd-rom drives the same. Since they introduced the smaller drives (again with flimsy trays) these units are crap compared to the previous drives. I still have my LTR-52327S drive, but i probably get rid of it soon. I just cannot write a cd-rw at a decent enough quality it can actually be read on normal cdrom drives. If i burn the same cd-rw discs with my nec ND-2500 at same speeds it works flawlesly. So imho, the only way that they can recover is to do something about their quality of their products… FAST.

I don´t wonder about that. In the past Liteon sales because they had low prices, but now the competitors have also low prices especially with DVD-writers (NEC, LG, Pioneer). And the DVD-writers from Liteon were not really good, the competitors are faster and with better writing-quality

The reason we dont post information on pioneer and other companies is that we dont get any real news submits on this. Since LiteON is so big and well known their results are regularly submitted to us in news submits. I guess the big IT websites recognize LiteON because they are such a big multinational OEM company and thats why sites report information on them.

How very odd. Seems to be all there in black and white to me: fr_2005/ 3rd/release_3q05e.pdf slide_3q05e.pdf Additionally, I find it somewhat difficult to digest that you would consider LiteOn a big multinational OEM in contrast to that of a company such as Pioneer. Does this suggest that Pioneer is not a large multinational or OEM? Odd, indeed Hi Zebra! :wink: Links modified to fit format of page.
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What i mean is that the news submits we get come from users of this site that use sites like register, cnet and digitimes, and others. If we dont get a news submit then we usually dont report it as we have a lot news submits to deal with and work on. News submits are down to you the users if we dont get a news submit from users then the story may not get reported. If you want financial results from pioneer etc then use our news submit service to tell us about it. Hope that sums it up. Remember you lot make this site run and your contributions help us a lot and id like to thank all those contribute to this site.
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