Lite-On IT announces new CD-RW drive, the SOHR-5238S

I just posted the article Lite-On IT announces new CD-RW drive, the SOHR-5238S.

Namoh reports us that Lite-On IT has
announced a new CD-RW drive on their website, the SOHR-5238S. The drive can write CD-R media at 52x, re-write CD-RW media at 32x and
read CD-ROM media at…

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It looks like this Lite-On has another chip dan the 52327S, because of the ending (7S vs 8S). Maybe it can copy protections better, or has other advantages to the ‘old’ 7S chip!
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Yep looks like a series 8 chipset, hopefully can do SD v3.15 as my 48246S has no hope at all with SD v3.15, can anyone comment on these new drives capabilities? cheers :slight_smile: :slight_smile: