Lite-On IT and Sony together in DVD writer production

I just posted the article Lite-On IT and Sony together in DVD writer production.

It is no secret that Sony was using internal parts of Lite-On in their CD-RW drives, and it seems that the two companies are now going to work more closely as Digitimes reports that Japanese Sony…

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Dual Format from LiteOn with Sony technology :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t forget Sony back-on DVD-RAM format :d DVD can write triple format ? any chance :+

Great a Lite-ON burner that dont burn playstation games. WTH does Sony play in this arena anyway? They make cd protection which makes no since to me since they make burners and they make MP3 boomboxes/walkmans. Its like yeah I wanna support you even though your still undecided who’s side your on. No sony for me. And if Sony wants to be in with Lite-On no Lite-On for me neither. Ive been pretty happy with my Lite-On drive but I will not support Sony… Thats the bottom line =)