Lite-On IT and BenQ face cutthroat pricing from Samsung

I just posted the article Lite-On IT and BenQ face cutthroat pricing from Samsung.

  Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST)  has started putting pressure on Lite-On IT and BenQ by recently dropping its 16x  DVD recorder retail pricing by 30% to US$69 both in US and European ...
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They use mediatek chipset in most drives now (TS-H552B/TS-H552U).

Wow, a quality 16x DVD burner for $70 is amazing.

About low prices here in Portugal: a couple weeks ago I bought a Benq 800A (now a 822DL :wink: ) for 24,9€ and a NEC 3500 AG for 66€. And since the price of Benq 1620A recently dropped from 69.9€ to 58.9€ and thinking in getting one of those also. Samsung TS-H552 is selling for 60€ for a while now. For some time it were the cheapest drive around.
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hi. I’m from Portugal. Where did you saw the Benq 1620A at that price? thinking of buying one for me too.

You can buy one of those for 58€ in Vobis. But they sold their stock a couple days ago. But someone from Benq in Portugal told me that the price was dropping to 59€ around crhistmas so you may find them at this price on other stores. If you can’t find it, you have to wait for new stock on Vobis.

Samsung group has Samsung Electric and Samsung Electronics. As is well known, they produce lots of things and aim to produce most of the key components inside the group. Toshiba does help as well. The DigiTimes article is clearly wrong about the top five ODD makers. NEC and Pioneer are strong in DVD writers, but not in CD-ROM, CD writer, combo drives. TSST has 2 billion USD market share. Both in terms of revenues adn number of units, TSST is No. 2 after HLDS. Samsung one billion and Toshiba another billion, to say it roughly. Samsung makes far more ODD units but the average unit price of Toshiba is far higher.

Here in Spain, Benq 1620A is sold in superstores for 55 - 59,95€ Samsung drives aren’t popular here, i have not see any one yet in shops. Sorry for my poor english.