Lite-On IT and BenQ 16x DVD burners drop below 30 dollars

I just posted the article Lite-On IT and BenQ 16x DVD burners drop below 30 dollars.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about an important price break on these very popular drives…once again from DigiTimes! …

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NEC 16X burners can be found for less than $30(U.S.) at

yeah, but then you’d have to have an NEC drive… I’m not sure why anyone would want to put themselves through that.

Maybe beacuse they give the best quality writes we’ve seen of any burners we’ve tried. I’ve used LiteOn and BenQ and they don’t come close to the quality of my NEC burners. I’ve been tempted to try the newer Pioneers since they’re frequently available for under US $ 32 but I’ve already got 3 16x burners and really have no need for any more.

problem is that there are none of the BenQ burners (1650, 1655 or other like them) at, so unless I’m missing something, this is only a better deal for ppl in Taiwan.

Pioneer drives are on top when it comes to quality of recorded discs. I know this from experience (Pioneer, NEC, LG…)

Yeah, and you are always right when you say Toyota is top among all car brands and so on. Since you have EXPERIENCE.

But that’s a US price. The DigiTimes article’s about Taiwan’s retail market price changes only. Taiwan’s an island of about 20 million people. It hardly reflects the world market. It’s more than often the US market reflects world market situation most eloquently. The US prices are also often the lowest. Price drops in Taiwan retail market’re of course of little importance. OEM prices matter a lot more.

Did you have a bad day, Kenshin?:slight_smile:

Hardly. I have always said similar things on for years. Preferring a specific brand over everything else is most likely based on designs, local prices and customer support, etc. rather than objective performance comparisons. Especially related to optical drive performances, it’s extremely likely that someone who says a brand is best or better than another brand is always wrong.