Lite-On IT 16x DVD Dual burners

(Link) Lite-On IT to begin volume production of 16x DVD Dual burners

Credit comes from (link) Doom9

Can’t wait for a 16x dvd burner! can You. :slight_smile:

Other Dvd (Link) digital-digest


No, I can’t wait, either… :wink:

This was already reported earlier on the CDfreaks front newspage.

16x DVD+R, 8x DVD-R
DL burning at 2.4x with possible update to 4x.
CAV/PCAV (7x - 8/12/16x) write strategy at 8x, 12x, and 16x making it the one of fastest burners around.

Based on the same drive as the 1213S. :wink:

Is there any technical reasoning why -R is still limited to only 8x?

Because the DVD Forum hasn’t approved of a faster -R standard yet, I don’t think… (I could be wrong here…)

Same thing with 8x +R being available way before 8x -R…

They really need to hurry up then, +R is so far ahead with double the speed and dual layer burning. I wouldn’t mind so much if they dropped the bloody +R disk prices over here :wink:


code is correct here:

If you take a gander into the DVD-forum’s current booktype considerations, you will find a distinct lack of any higher than 8x-R. As it stands, revision 3 is quite new in itself!

<table border=“1” cellpadding=“2” cellspacing=“0” width=“500”> <tbody><tr><td align=“center” bgcolor="#ccccff" width=“75”>DVD-R for General </td> <td width=“305”>Part 1: PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Ver. 2.0[size=1]1

                         [/size] Optional Specifications: 4x-speed                              DVD-R Rev. 1.0
                         Optional Specifications: 6x-speed DVD-R Rev. 2.0[New]
                         Optional Specifications: 8x-speed DVD-R Rev. 3.0[New]
                         Optional Specifications: Holder for 8cm Disc Rev.                              1.0
                         Part 2: FILE SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Ver. 2.1&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;/tbody&gt; &lt;/table&gt; 

As a side note, I was quite happy to find the new book revison for HD-DVD recordable there today.