Lite-On is the first manufacturer to have 8X DVD-R and 4X DVD-RW?

Found this thread at cdrlabs:

Norcent 8x DVD+RW/DVD-RW & CDRW part# DWD840-N
General Features:
Beige bezel
8x CLV maximum write speed (DVD+R, DVD-R formats)
4x CLV maximum write speed (DVD+RW, DVD-RW formats)
12x CAV maximum read speed (DVD-ROM single layer)
8x CAV maximum read speed (DVD-ROM dual layer)
6x maximum read speed (DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW)
40x P-CAV maximum write speed (CD-R)
24x P-CAV maximum write speed (CD-RW)
40x CAV maximum read speed (CD-ROM)
E-IDE/ATAPI interface
2 MB buffer
140 ms Random Access Time (typical)
Horizontal installation only

Supported Read Formats:
DVD Single/Dual Layer
All CD-ROM/R/RW formats

Front Panel Features:
Headphone jack
Volume control dial
LED activity indicator
Eject/Load button
Emergency eject hole

Rear Panel Features:
Digital audio connector
Anaglog audio connector
Device jumpers
IDE interface
4-pin power connector
Retail Package Includes:
8x Dual Format DVD+/-RW and CD-RW drive
Piece of 4x DVD+RW media
Sonic MyDVD
CyberLink PowerDVD
Analog CD-Audio cable
Mounting screws
Mounting instructions

Already in stock in some stores in the US :slight_smile:

Hm, do I smell a possible overclock for the LDW-811S to support 8X DVD-R and 4X DVD-RW? :wink:

Strange that there is no words about this model at Lite-On yet (LDW-812S maybe?).

damn and i just bought a 411s…:frowning:

oh well i dont see any 8x dvd media anyways so maybe im ok for another year or so…

I’ll care when the 411S is working better. They weren’t the first dual-drive, and they still need to work on that. I have to suggest waiting for some testing and reviews to be done on that one.

Newegg has the Lite-on. Search for LDW-811S

More news about this???

Originally posted by Milkman
More news about this???

The news is it is a LiteOn LDW-811S. Norcent say’s a firmware update will be available when the 8X -R specification is approved and the media is available.