Lite-on is Loud-on

I recently received my 48125w Lite-on and this thing is damn loud, it’s like a little tornado in my room when it’s burning a disk and also when writing. Are all 48W and 48 read cd-writers loud like this?

yes my lity is damn loud too. It is like a rock concert. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Every drive on the market is loud when it’s writing and read at high speeds since the drive’s spinning at insane RPM. My Lite-On 16x DVDROM has much lower dba when it comes to watching DVD compare to my Pioneer 16x DVDROMs.

We are talking 10 000 RPM here you know :slight_smile:

Get used to it, cause it isn’t going to go away.

And 52246S won’t be less noisy :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I don’t find the writing loud, just the spin-ups, spin-downs, and readings. It sounds like my DVD-Rom. I wish its like Plextor when its spinning up and spinning down.

Maybe some company can make em like HDDs, dey fast, n dey don’t sound THAT loud. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by dfourthhorseman
Maybe some company can make em like HDDs, dey fast, n dey don’t sound THAT loud. :slight_smile:

It took about 20 years for the HDD’s to become “silent”, so don’t hope for too much :wink:

Then I don’t get why Plextors seem so quiet.

Why can’t Plextor and Lite-On team up? Into a Plex-On or Lextor. Lol. :slight_smile:

Ah, a Lextor would be nice! Cool name! :slight_smile:

Ummmm… no. Plextor and Lite-On team up… Man, that’s like saying Intel and AMD will merge. LiteOn’s working on lowering the noise level of their drives. I don’t find Lite-On CDRW loud at all, but that’s 'cause I have my cans on all the time listening to music and watching movies. For all I know, if you want a quiet drive, lower the speed.

I have never heard my 24X drive except with damaged/scratched disc inside it, thats the benefit of the extra 60 seconds.

I would lower the speed but Nero’s drive speed don’t work with either my computer or this drive, it just locks it up and won’t let any other programs use it. But I’m saying its loud, thought maybe the word’s a harsh, only compared to writers whose spin ups and spin downs you can’t notice.

Most HDs spin at 7200RPM and are much better balanced, since the disks are fixed inside.
CD-ROMs have to be centered and spin at 11000RPM and are probably not that balanced esp. if you take into account some extra ink here and there…every gram counts.

Any 15000RPM HD is still louder than a LiteOn

Well I’m going to be overclocking my 48126S to a 522452S today, let’s see how the noise level (or in physics term, intensity, or was it decibel?) is. :slight_smile:


LTR-48125W is the quietest 48x drive i have ever owned.

My Creative 48x Infra CD-ROM is the loudest. When it is reading disks, the makes a loud sound like an Air Conditioner.


I’m pretty sure no matter what writers and readers you got, the writers will always be quieter than the reader, with the same speed of course. Writers are built with more precision and all that, and its only natural they be more quiet than readers.

The contest for the quietest optical drive need to split up. All CD-RWs in one, CD-ROMs in another, etc etc.

BAH! Everyone knows the loudest drive on earth is an Afreey 56x CD-Rom. In my case I had one of those with a TDK 16x CD-RW above it, and on some CDs the Afreey would spin so fast it would buzz the tray in the TDK drive! :bigsmile:


You are right.

The queitest CD-ROM drive which I own is Acer/BenQ 52x. Its also the fastest.

I cannot compare burners as I earlier had a HP 8x4x32x & all my friends too have a 8x burner.

Just installed my Lite-On LTR-52327S 52x burner and all I have to say is damn this thing is LOUD!!! :eek: I haven’t burned anything yet, just read a cd. I don’t know if this is normal, but it’s a really loud buzzing sound, not the usual spinning sound drives make. It sounds like when I put my cell phone on vibrate on a hard surface. Can someone tell me if this is what you mean by loud, is this normal? Thanks. :slight_smile: