Lite-on is dead :((

Hello, I am desperatly seeking help :frowning:
I have a LTR-24102B (24X/10X40X) with the latest firmware. It is like 7 months old, and has been working fine since I installed it.
The problem is that it doesn’t start the burning process anymore!
I reinstalled windows (tried XP and 98SE), I used Nero (several versions), CloneCD, DiscJuggler… I even installed the hardware in another machine… nothing seems to help.
It burned a few thousands CDs so far… sometimes I get a “Power calibration error” and the little red LED seems to go on blinking forever and the PC crashes…

Could it be from heavy use of the hardware? Just because I am curious now… How many CDs can you usually burn in a lifetime of such a recorder?

Thanks a lot!


I heard about this problem before a few times and seen it happen on my last 2X CD Writer. It sounds like your CD burning laser (different from the reading laser) has finally fused :frowning:

The old 2X CD rewriters use to have a life span of 100 CD-Rs because of the time they use to take to burn a CD. Although the newer ones have a much longer life span, seeing you’ve already written over a thousand CD-Rs, it must have finally given up.

CD writters have seriously gone down in price now (typically $55 up for a 40x), so it may be worth a look around in a few shops.


or if it’s only 7 months old, is it still on warranty?

Originally posted by tofu
or if it’s only 7 months old, is it still on warranty?

Yes… the warranty is one year… but I am not sure if it covers lasers! Do you know if manufacturers usually exclude heavly used drives from warranty?
I dont know… but I am sure that a lot of experienced people in this forum uses their drives a lot more than me…

what shall I do? Is it worth to send it back?

thanks for all the feedback so far

i really think its worth sending it back.

just go to your store.

usually they test it right there for you they see that it doesnt burn anymore and they will give you a new one maybe you have to pay the difference between those 2.

i see you live in amsterdam then i should surtenly go back.

i live in amsterdam 2.

and i i brought back my burner 3 time’s now and they always give me new one’s

I don’t know whether the 2 times speed driver were soon
to break down after 100 burns, just because the laser got power
for a long time (2 time speed )

It’s just the quality of the lasers at that time ('98)

If you burn at 40 speed on your burner (if it is capable) then you also give a lot of power since it is writing very fast.
So more power in less time to cut the hole.
Not too sure about this theory though.

Anyway you could try the warranty for sure.

Maar kijk als je inderdaad al >>1000 cd’s hebt gefikt…
Tja, mag een wonder wezen.
Moet je es rekenen 1000 cd’s delen door (7x30 dagen) is minstens 5 per dag !?!?!?
Gouwe handel zeker ??

I got that ‘Power Calibration Error’ for my first time yesterday on my one year old Samsung 8x8x32 drive while trying to write to a CD-RW. I hope the laser isn’t going to go in this one too. :confused: I retried the write a few times and it finally stopped giving that error once I selected a lower speed, i.e. ‘4x’. The discs are new Memorex CDs rated at 10x. Later in the day I rewrote to that same CD at 8x and it went ok.

I wrote well over 120 CD-Rs and use it steady for packet writing on CD-RW discs such as backing up stuff. Up until yesterday, it has never given a problem.

If the warranty on the Liteon drive is only 7 months old, it would be worth sending it back for repair. I don’t remember the warrenty for my parents Liteon saying that it doesn’t cover laser problems. Generally the only thing not covered is accidental damage such as breaking the tray or spilling a liquid into the drive (i.e. using it as a coffee tray!!).


Thousands of CDR or CDRW discs? :wink: How are the qualities of those discs? How many hours of readings done? May be issues here.

I know a friend who has a Samsung 8x4x32x. He used to sometimes get a Power Calibration Error in Clone CD.

He just used to restart his machine & then everything used to be fine again.

I have a rebadged LG 8x4x32x which died out after 1 yr 2 mnths approx.

Used it very carefully & burnt only 100-200 CDs.

It just died out.

Just won’t start the Burn process.

The writing laser is dead.

It can however read CDs fine.

I think that if I had gotten “a few thousand” burns from a drive, I would be happy to go buy another one of the same brand, maybe a nice new 48x?

Model LTR-24102B
Firmware 5S5A
AMD-1200 / KT7A Raid
24102B is on Primary/Slave
Will Read/Will not burn

I’ve only burned about 450 CDs. Drive is about 1 year old. Bought it on the net. I sometimes get the Power Claibration error, and I sometimes get a Timed Out failure. Drive will not open tray, can’t cancel. must reboot to clear. Destroys any media.


they actually gave me a new one, this time 40x ! You guys were right! The guy at funtronics told me they get these kind of problems once in a while!

I guess I will just go on with LiteOn… burned thousands of CDs with it… actually lived longer that I expected!

Thanks a lot to all of you that replied, and Happy Burning! :slight_smile: