Lite-ON introduces SOHW 1673S

I just posted the article Lite-ON introduces SOHW 1673S.

The Fastest 8x DVD+RW & 6x DVD-RW Rewriting Support : LITE-ON IT 16X DVD Dual Drive SOHW-1673S The fastest DVD rewriting technology, 8x DVD+RW & 6x DVD-RW, has been …

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very nice

Boost the DL recording to 6x, add -R DL burning and lightscribe and I’ll snatch this up faster than anything I’ve snatched up before!

That sound more like the description of a future BenQ drive…

Does anyone do Mt. Rainier anymore?

You mean the BenQ1625. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t seem like many dvd burners support Mt. Rainer. Maybe Plextor?