Lite-On introduces 4 DVD burners with SmartErase



I just posted the article Lite-On introduces 4 DVD burners with SmartErase.

Lite-On has sent out a press release announcing 4 new DVD burners, no Blu-ray this time. Since DVD burners have pretty much become commodities every company is looking for functionality that…

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Be nice if this was able to do DVD - or + R’s as well not all use DL media. I’d buy one then if this was capable of doing that.


You mean to erase them? They’re non-erasable. A shredder is the best bet.

I’m just waiting for the first firmware update: “Destroy more media”…


A pair of scissors does a much better job than this.


"You mean to erase them? They’re non-erasable. A shredder is the best bet."
well actually, it IS possible… My NEC ND-3550 was pretty good at that, i accidentally overwritten a couple of discs that she thought were blank!!! thank god they contained nothing but old backups… as they were no more recognizable by anything!!! and when scanned, it showed high PIF count and zillions of POFs…
so NO, it does NOT erase… it destroys… and that’s fine by me :slight_smile:


I thought dual layer rewritable would be starting to appear in more of the upcoming burners.
Anyone confirm which writers support dvd-rw DL?


A couple of seconds in a Microwave on high seems to do the trick to destroy/erase any data stored in the dye layer of any disc.


@ Sqir… well… a microwave oven is nothing but a big expensive burner, that can make nothing but coasters!!! at least the Lite-ON can burn them properly :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! Always have liked Lite-On burners!


Just to take away some misunderstanding. The technology does not only work for DL media, but also for DVD + and - R.

J. Veldman
Philips & Lit-On Digital Solutions


I’ve got one of thoose for years now… there called scissors.
Much faster and more secure then any burner around to erase data on a DVD or CD.


Where can I buy these?


They aren’t released yet.


The pics and manuals are up on their global site as of today so it looks like they’ll ba available very soon.


would there be a way to make scans of the erased discs? like, quality scans?! let’s say, if you get something below 208 POF that means the drive sucks at erasing… or some information can be read back somehow :stuck_out_tongue: so we can make threads of " What’s the best Disc-destroyer?" !


If the software didn’t work you can always send it to a Data recovery company. I had my pictures on a dvd and the fr…ken thing had a smallest scratch on it which made it unreadable ! I tried Nero with no luck! When I tried to select the drive, my computer wouldn’t even eject it! I had to restart to get the stupid thing out.
I found these guys here in NYC through a friend and they got them out for a few bucks. They wouldn’t tell me how they did it.
I would def make 2 copies of all your DVDs cuz mine was in perfect condition other then that stupid lil scratch and i couldn’t get anything out of it.



They probably used one of the little free tools like [ roadkils unstoppable copier ], it ignores read errors and just copies everything which also includes corrupted data, the default system of reading optical disks refuses to continue with just a single error.

I hope they did not charge you too much, I woulda only charged like $10 and took about an hour to do it.