Lite-On Installation



So my Lite-On burner arrived today (165P6S internal) and I’m going to try to install it (which I’ve never done before). I’ll read the instructions thoroughly but was just wondering if there is any advice from those of you with experience before I start (especially that may not be included in or clear in the instructions).

Also, right now I have an NEC 1300A and a basic DVD ROM drive. The DVD ROM is faster than the NEC 1300A but should I leave the 1300A and replace the DVD ROM so I can have 2 burners?

Thanks for the help and advice!


One more thing–if there are any web pages that have good instructions about installation please let me know–I’d love to read them before I start installing. Thanks!


Philips always made some of the best installation guides/manuals you can find (example).
Heck, they even learn you how to use Nero. :slight_smile: