Lite-On in Mumbai ?!

Lite-On dealers in Mumbai are as follows:

Official Importer/Dealer:

Fortune Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Tel.: 3098794

Not Official:

Vira Technologies
Tel: 3781065/2334566

The 48x Lite-On is still not available. Only till 40x.

All other Mumbaities, please post here other dealers you know in Mumbai.

Also, post the contact info of dealer having 48x burner in Mumbai.

thanks for the info darshanjog,

will check them out…

Please post contact infos of any new dealers you find selling LITE-Ons in Mumbai.

Also post contact info of Dealers selling Lite-On 48x !!!

Lite-On 48x Burner is going to be available in Mumbai at August End. Just spoke with Lite-Ons official dealer today. Thats what he said.

No one from Mumbai here?

No one from Mumbai knows any Lite-On dealer?

Lite-On official dealer mentioned by Lite-On on their website.

Dubai Trade Link LLC (Mediatech India)
TEL : 91-98690 08132
E-mail :

Anybody in Mumbai got there hands on the Lite-On 48x ???

hello everyone

     i want to buy [B]Lite-on SHM 165H6S[/B].

i am in mumbai.can anyone give me the address of shop or dealers of Lite-on in mumbai.
i ask many stores but no one have this model. :confused:
plz help me.its urgent
i really appreciate that.
thanks in advance.

i want to buy Lite-on SHM 165H6S.
i am in mumbai.can any body give me the address of shop or dealers of Lite-on in mumbai.
thanks in advance

Bought a 165H6S a week back from -

Nilesh Zaveri.
Apex Enterprises
Tel # 23895548 / 23802712

cost me 2950/- … the only Lightscribe media I found was at Croma at Juhu and this was Imation CDRs @36 boxed :frowning: No Lightscribe DVD media available at Lamington Road.

thank for reply.
can you tell me where it is located.
and any other stores in mumbai.
i think its cost too high than what i search on net.on net it cost around 2300/-.

hey girish,

now days, Lite-On is available with any dealer. All of them know the brand now.

However, get the Sony Burners. They are just rebadged liteons and are cheaper than Liteons.

Please let me know where you got this price of 2300/- for the 165H6S writer. If I have been overcharged I want to take it up with the shop where I bought it. Here is a map of the route to APEX… they are on 1st floor in Vijay chambers which is directly opp to Dreamland Theatre.

thanks for advice but i thought lite-on is better than sony.what u say
write your thoughts about sony and lite-on derives.
i ask my friends about sony ,they said sony is ok.

Check this thread here in cdfreaks… “why not sony ?” …

thank u very much for your information.
i don’t know exact price.i just calculate its approximate value
in many sites its price is from $35 to $55.
adding taxes i think it should be 2400/- to 2600/-
i repeat ,i am not sure about price
you can check these sites,__16593112/

You had me worried there for a while - I thought I had been overcharged and that you had been quoted 2.3k locally :eek:

I wish we could buy computer hardware at prices the western world pays - but sadly the fact is that we have customs duties and high sellers margins to take into account and that adds up to the high prices we pay :sad:

Nilesh of APEX is a pretty straight forward type of person and I find that though he may not be the cheapest in town he is quite a decent bloke to deal with.

This may interest you - a scan with the 165H6S and the local 8x +R MBI media…

but some times prices are same.
because on net they include shipping charges.
and here we have customs duties.
prices are approximately same
i have asked one lite-on product in Andheri and he gave me the same price what i have seen on net.

i want to ask you some questions
is there any lite-on service center in mumbai?
how’s your Lite-on SHM 165H6S working?

If you get a better price for the 165H6S then please mention it here so I can get a refund from my supplier :slight_smile:

I got this writer last week - this and my previous 2 Liteon CD writers never needed service so I dont know where the service centre is located in Mumbai - but I am sure there is one here. I used a BENQ 1640 till last week and after 1.5 years of use it died and it is at the BENQ service centre for the last week and yesterday they said one week more :frowning:

I have only burned about 5 DVD +Rs on the 165H6S so I cannot really say how good it is going to be but the scan I posted above is the BEST I have seen on my setup. I also bought a few days back the LG DVD writer GSA-H42N and I like this a lot - best thing about this LG writer is its price … 1700/-

thanks for your information.
actually i am asking about movie/picture quality of DVD you experience and write speed of DVD.