Lite-On in Canada

I live in canada and I was wondering are there any recomended Lite-on dvd rw drives here? I found the LDW-811S but I don’t know if that is a good drive.
I really need some help here.

Hi there…

I guess that you can obtain the same LiteOn drives in Canada as everywhere else in the world, right?

Although the 811S is not that a bad drive, I’d rather recommend the 812S (for various reasons). You can read the review on the 811s here and the 812s here.

I’ll move this thread to the LiteOn forum, cause I feel it better fits in there :slight_smile:

I guess the SOHW-812S is a very good drive but i can’t find any stores to buy it from.
Can any one name a few stores? I don’t want any on-line buying. I’ll only buy the drive on-line as a last resort.

For sure go with a 812S over the 811S. It can even be overclocked to a 832 which is a dual layer capable drive. Of course this voids your warranty so it’s a “at your own risk” thing. (the risk is probably about 0.1% if you do everything properly).

Give a call. Great little shop with great prices. They don’t list the LiteOn drives at the moment. But believe it or not I was just on the phone with them 15 minutes ago asking if they could get a 812S and they said they would get back to me with a price. I’m sure they could get you one if you asked as well. They are located in Kitchener which I think is pretty close to Toronto, I’m sure you could arrange pickup so you don’t have to buy online. If the “no online” thing is a credit card issue (as in you don’t have one or don’t feel comfy with using it online) they also take money orders or PayPal too.


Is see from your location that you are in T.O.

There are lots of places that have liteon drives both retail and oem. eg

Try them. Razor even has the new liteon 1213s drives for ~130 i think. Plus they will even order drives in for you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Even closer. :smiley:

812s $109 + $10 For Next Day Shipping via Purolator…

This is a Canadian Website as well located in Vancouver, BC

Edit… Just noticed they have the NEC 2510a in stock as well… $138 + $10 For Next Day Shipping via Purolator…

I second TripleH - NCIX is an excellent store, with price matching and free shipping occasionally. Join their website (Make an account) and their weekly newsletter contains the cheapest prices in Canada on Hardware. I live in Ottawa, they are in BC so you save half the sales tax, which you can put towards shipping. Buy your DVD+Rs at Costco. TDK DVD+R 4x burns at 8x with VERY low error count on 812s, some of the best burns I have ever seen. The 811s is a POS by comparison.


Tigerdirect now sells everyones favorite TDK DVD+R (Ricohjpn)

The thing I liked about (besides the nice prices and cheap shipping) is they list the media code. I wish more online retailers would do that. :frowning:

Ssseth they don’t carry TDK media and its incredible value for the $$$.

No, perhaps not. But they carry Arita, which is the same media (RICOHJPNR01). 25 are $32 compared to $42.99 at tiger direct. :smiley:

Thanks Ssseth, they should put their media codes in the short description of each DVD.

Ssseth, one more question. When I go to I get an error telling me my browser has no cookies or javascript but I have both of those and they work on every other website. What is the deal?

I very much agree. :iagree:

Ssseth, one more question. When I go to I get an error telling me my browser has no cookies or javascript but I have both of those and they work on every other website. What is the deal?

Interesting, I’m not sure exactly (I’m more of a hardware guy). Perhaps a separate post on the issue over in the general software forum may yield better results.

Heads up, if you haven’t ordered already. The Arita media must have changed it’s supply because the ones I just ordered (showed up today) are Ritek R03’s not Ricoh. :frowning:
I’m speaking with someone from blankmedia right now and hopefully they will accept a return or perhaps exchange it for something else. Ritek R03’s aren’t very good at all :frowning: I would expect the right media code to be updated at soon…

Just an update. was really good about the whole situation. They exchanged half of the 100 discs I ordered for the same price as TY +R ( :bigsmile: ) and refunded me the other half at my request (going to save it for some DL media).

They replied quickly and professionally to all my inquires.
The media code was updated at the website almost immediately after I let them know about it. They usually check most batches as they come in for media code changes but hadn’t gotten around to checking the new shipment was Ricoh before sending it off to me (they pulled my order for me as soon as the media came into stock to get it off as quickly as possible). I understand how it happened, to err is human right? Most sites don’t offer a media code at all so I can’t complain.

I’d have no hesitation recommending them to any other shoppers in the future, they really handled things great. :slight_smile:

@Grifter420 - because I recommended them to you based on the media code; they’ve said if you ordered the Arita’s and they showed up as RitekR03’s you can get the same deal as me and exchange them with no extra charge for TY +R or -R media. The person I was dealing with was named Tom. You might want to reference this thread in your email.
Regarding your question getting to the website: if you haven’t figured it out yet you might want to email ( ) asking about it. They would probably know more about that than me (I’ve never had a problem getting to the site). The only thing I could think to try would be to perhaps try a different browser such as Firefox. It’s what I use most days and I find it far superior to IE.

Have you seen the great results people are getting with the RITEKR03 rev 01/02 media now switched to the Yuden T02 strategy. Have a look a Jamos’ post [post=630850]here[/post]. :slight_smile:

Although very nice, I’ll take real TY discs instead :smiley:

:iagree: Good outcome getting the TYs.

But with more and more of the cheaper media (Arita, Cyq’ve, Infiniti 8x, Ridata 8x…) becoming RITEKR03 it’s nice to finally have a solution that allows us to burn it properly. :slight_smile: