Lite-On improved Audio protection reading?

I’ve bought “Herbert Grönemeyer: Mensch” today, not because of the music, but only for CDS200 testing:
With VS06, ripping is impossible. EAC crashes when detecting toc manually, cdda2wav doesn’t work either.

With VS08, ripping requires speed setting of 4x, but works! EAC reports a few timing problems only, and cdda2wav -paranoia also works!
Can anyone double-check?

So it seems that with VSO8 firmware liteys can do audio protections…that’s great!! :bigsmile:

i thinks with this reason CD-Freaks need to update their review :wink:

I never by a CD-Audio Original --> I can’t test it :frowning: .Does any other one have CD protected and try with VS08 ???

There will be NO upgrade of the review, and this has a simple reason, time. There is a lot more coming up, that is already delayed due the lack of time, and making more tests like this would delay these things even more. And fortunately there is a solution, share your findings with the people on this forum. Altough some people might once in a while share incorrect information, there are enough people to check it. And also on the newssite we will keep you updated if there are major improvements !


You may want to have a look at the new 4KUS FW.

Edit: Skip it, it’s been rolled up into 1S05.

Sorry which liteon drive are we talking about here?