Lite-On iHOS104 firmware / drive occasionally vanishes from windows



My iHOS104 has firmware WL08. The review of this drive at claims that a WL0B firmware exists (unless the B was a typo for an 8). There are no firmware updates found for it at Lite-On’s support website. Any ideas on where to get firmware WL0B, preferably from a a Lite-On operated website?


I’m hoping the firmware update will solve the problem where this drive just goes away - gone from the list of devices, right while a movie is playing. A warm reboot does not bring the drive back, the machine must be powered off and then the drive is available at the next startup. Drive is plugged into an ECS A780GM-A 1.0. I’m sure I probably 1 of 3 people in the world with an iHOS104 connected to an A780GM-A 1.0 but just in case this rings a bell with anyone out there - and you’ve fixed it - what did you do?


Hi I happened to run into your question, and I noticed that it was located in the wrong forum section. That’s why I moved your question, so now you have more chance to expect an answer :bigsmile: